10 HVAC Tools Under $100 Worth Purchasing

This is a tool that every HVAC Tools professional need to have. If you’re an HVAC technician, and you work in either the searing heat of California or the wet Pacific Northwest, this umbrella will come in very handy. Supco’s magnetic base umbrella was created by an HVAC technician.

It can be folde up into a compact 60 inches wide and will shield you from the elements while you work on your equipment thanks to its sturdy magnetic foundation.

An individual carbon monoxide detector

Are you worried about being exposed to a poisonous chemical on the job and suffering physical harm? HVAC technicians often work in hazardous environments such as attics, crawl spaces, and mechanical rooms where we may be alone. Fortunately, you may take measures to safeguard yourself to the greatest extent possible if this is a problem for you.

Everyone should be wary of CO, or carbon monoxide. You must first equip yourself with a detector capable of identifying the presence of these potentially fatal gases. What this implies is that the sensor provides reliable readings of the ambient concentration of carbon monoxide. Second, keep your detector in good working order by clearing the area around the sensor and positioning it in a safe area. Last but not least, always keep your detectors turned on and make sure the batteries are always fresh.

A Metal Cutting Attachment for the DeWalt Drill

Metal cutting is a breeze with the Dewalt metal shear attachment, which can be use with a variety of impact and drill brands. This is a wonderful addition to any HVAC tool collection!

Ratchet Wrench with Variable Speed Control, Milwaukee Cordless

Its battery-operated ratchet wrench is a handy addition to any HVAC technician’s tool kit. This tool’s 35 ft-lb of torque and 250 rpm mean that any job can be completed quickly.

Wera Tool Check Plus 

If you want to compress your HVAC tool kit burden to the smallest compact while preserving all of the functions, the Tool Check Plus is for you. The tool check plus is great for handling most service call situations, as it is equipped with a tiny 1/4″ ratchet wrench, a screwdriver handle, seven sockets, and a variety of 29 common-use bits.

Fenix Headlamp

A quality headlamp is crucial for an HVAC technician for many reasons. Headlamps assist you to see in dark or poorly light places. They also facilitate navigation in dark, confined environments like attics and cellars. In addition, headlamps may be beneficial while working on repairs, diagnostics, or other chores that need careful attention to detail while keeping your hands free and accessible to utilize other equipment.

This Fenix light has gotten me through a ton of projects! The rechargeable battery lasts for a long time, there are options for both spot and floodlighting, and the unit is weatherproof thanks to its sturdy gaskets in the field.


Knipex Pliers and Wrench Set, Two Piece

Many processional mechanics swear by the Knipex pliers wrench. It’s a wrench and pliers in one compact, well-designed German instrument. You won’t find a better HVAC technician tool than this one. Unlike conventional pliers, the jaws of these tools will never get out of line with one another because of their clever design. This will guarantee a good grip on the surface of the bolt or nut.

A set of Wiha insulated pliers and cutters with seven tools

Much of the HVAC industry needs a solid foundation in electrical safety and expertise. The majority of a service technician’s time is spent in close proximity to live, energize components. Your bag of HVAC equipment will be more secure with the addition of insulated tools. This Wiha seven-piece kit is a deal and will never leave my tool bag.

Milwaukee’s 7-in-1 Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set

When it comes to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, nothing beats a solid pair of ratcheting combination wrenches. With MAX BITE technology, these heavy-duty wrenches from Milwaukee provide 25% more torque than their smooth-faced counterparts and come with a lifetime warranty. It had a few of them operating for a long now, and not a single ratchet has snapped.

Wera Zyklop Speed Ratchet

One another German premium gadget that’s becoming a favorite among HVAC specialists and professionals. When it comes to ratcheting wrenches, the Wera Zyklop has all the bells and whistles you could want.

Return angle of 5 degrees, highly adjustable for short strokes in confined spaces.

The Ratchet head can rotate 360 degrees for versatile use.

At zero degrees, it transforms into a standard screwdriver.

Use of a Car Camera

Engineers in the HVAC Tools industry often travel between jobs. Sadly, there are some who would attempt to take advantage of a company car’s insurance claim procedure for their own gain.

The use of a dash cam is an excellent approach to recording events while driving and ensuring that anyone involved in an accident is being truthful. In addition, it may help you monitor your driving patterns and stay compliant with local regulations.

When cutting ductwork, tin snips are the tool of choice.

A Handful of Seamers

Instead of using a board, hammer, and pliers to form the ducting, workers might use hand seamers. The metal sheeting used in ducting may be bent, shaped, or flattened with their help.

The Crimson Streak

In addition to crimping and cutting, the pliers’ other uses are obvious.


In order to make straight cuts in sheet metal, an awl is used to score the material. Sheet metal, wood, and drywall may all be punche with it by HVAC specialists.

Nineteenth-Century Stapling Device

Insulation and metal roofing are two common uses for a staple gun.

Organizations and Groups

Unions exist to defend the rights of all working people, including HVAC specialists. Joining a union or group is a smart idea if you want to further your career as an HVAC professional.

Professionals in the HVAC Tools business use ServGrow, the industry-leading provider of complete field service software, to improve operations, enhance income, and significantly increase internet visibility.



The Sawzall is essential for HVAC Tools workers who need to saw through sloppy materials or cut at awkward angles. To avoid having to switch between power tools, the Sawzall is a fantastic item to have around.

Manifold Pressure Gauge

Manifold Gauge is use by HVAC specialists to locate leaks. It’s also use while the air conditioner is charging or when the refrigerant is being draine.

Extending Power Sources 

Repairmen and installers of climate control systems often need to recharge their batteries far from any outlet or generator. Extension cables are use to run electrical wiring across longer distances.

Tube cutter

Tubing cutters are use to sever pipes during the set up or maintenance of HVAC systems.

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