10 HVAC Tools Under $30 worth Owning Available on Amazon

Presently, we’ll take a look at ten of Amazon’s best HVAC Tools that cost less than $30 yet are well worth the investment. If you are reading this, you are probably a HVAC Tools fanatic like me, and if you received any Amazon gift cards for Christmas, you should buy HVAC Tools.

Kit with an inspection mirror and a magnetic pick-up tool

Such essentials should be carried by every technician. If you’re like, On Fridays, when you’re rushing to finish up your job and leave on time for once, you always manage to lose the final screw, nut, bolt, etc., in the tiniest crack. Ok, well, time to either hurry down to the vehicle and pray you to have a substitute in the miscellaneous hardware kit you’ve amassed over the years, or head to the parts shop. 

The time spent here is useless either way. Just imagine how useful a telescopic magnetic pickup tool would be. You should get one right now if you don’t already have one. You can check out those tricky welds using the inspection mirror’s extra feature. Instead of spending time and money on nitrogen pressure testing, you can be certain that none of your welds will leak because of a missed spot. You’ll need to vent all that nitro, redo the welding, get some more nitrogen from the truck, and double-check that you’re good to go this time. My investment of a few dollars in these HVAC Tools was more than justified, and it now has a permanent spot in my tool bag.

Superior 4-function precision screwdriver

Almost all have at least one multi-bit standard screwdriver with us at all times, so why not have a single precision screwdriver with the same capabilities? How infuriating is it to go into a situation when your standard control screwdriver won’t fit into the terminals of a control card? (like the ones you get for free at auto-parts stores) from going in too far and undoing the connection at the terminal? Worst still, when you finally locate that small, unusual Phillips head? For this reason, I always have a 4-in-1 precision electronics screwdriver on hand.

This compact HVAC Tools has everything you may need, including a spinning tail cap, flat head bits measuring 1/8″ and 3/32,” and Phillips bits measuring 0 and 00. Keep in mind that some of the pieces may fall off if you aren’t cautious. This is something I put in my front shirt pocket beside a pen in case it ever falls out.

A Socket Set with SAE and Metric Drives, 1/4-Inch

I am really pleased with this addition to my service pack. Nothing challenges my patience like encountering an eccentric nut that has been over-tightened by another person, the edges of which they have rounded off somewhat. Occasionally a socket, a backing wrench, or anything else is required when a crescent wrench won’t do the job.

Have I mentioned how much I despise having to go back and forth between the house and the truck? Having this compact equipment in my service pack reduces the load on my back while I am doing repairs, and it gives me the flexibility I need. This is the fourth and last item on my wish list if I had to select just one HVAC Tools to buy.

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Zippered Cordura and Ballistic Nylon Tool Pouch

The answers to questions 3 and 4 are complementary. Knowing how precious storage space is for a Technician, and seeing that no one likes to lug about the bulky plastic box for the 1/4 socket set mentioned above, I opted to get the Cordura nylon tool bag. Get rid of the sockets, ratchet, and extension and store them in one handy bag.

If you have a little Maintenance bag, you can now stow away the 1/4″ drive kit virtually any place. You may use one to store regularly used replacement sheet metal screws, nuts, and bolts, and the other to store electrical fittings like wire nuts, spade connectors, wire ties, etc. Whatever helps you, but for me, these little bags have been a lifesaver in maintaining any kind of order in my tool packs.

Cushion for Kneeling

Those knees need some TLC! You should take good care of your teeth because you only get one set of adult teeth. Wish I’d known this when I first started out in the industry. Taking a knee on hard surfaces such as pavement, ledges, or even grates. The body will feel the effects of them all.

Take care of yourself by remembering to accomplish mundane tasks. Injuries result in missed time from work, which means less money for your family. Yet, this foam knee pad has completely changed my opinion about knee protectors. It’s a light, affordable tool that may be thrown in a pack, attached to a belt, or fastened to a tool belt. 

To Wrench a Basin

A basin wrench may seem like an odd tool for an HVAC technician to have. Well, that’s because, on the surface at least, we seem to be more well-rounded and proficient in all aspects of life than those who work in any other profession. I jest; a basin wrench isn’t something I often reach for, but it sure comes in handy when I need it. Hydronic heat pumps with detachable chassis designs have been released by a number of major manufacturers, including Climate master, Trane, and Whalen.

Limited access is a typical source of frustration while attempting maintenance on these devices. Disconnecting and rejoining the hydronic braided water lines is a lot easier using a basin wrench. A basin wrench is an inexpensive tool that is useful to have on hand for a variety of tasks.

Wheel Elbow Wrench

This little device may help you and your clients save both time and money. Whether you’re dealing with a furnace in your home or a vav blower in a huge business structure, this makes replacing the motor a snap. Sometimes, I stumble across blower assemblies that have been disassembled, “cleaned,” and reinstalled. The motor’s shaft and hub developed some rust since they were put back together while still damp.

You can’t possibly know how much of a nightmare it is until you’ve worked in this industry for a while. images of corroded combustion fans and gears come to mind. Centrifugal wheels and housings may be expensive to replace. If your motor’s shaft or hub is leaking, try soaking it with Deep penetrating oil. As you grab the hub puller, let the Aero Kroil do its thing for a few minutes. This low-priced item may end up saving your bacon. To those who don’t already own one, I recommend that you do so.

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