Veto Tp5B Setup and Review

The Tp5b by veto pro pac is a great option if you need a compact bag for the office or school. It started off with a cumbersome and overweight Tech Xl, then downsized to a Tech MC, and am now down to a little Tp5b. Saving so much weight is a huge benefit, particularly if the piece of machinery you need to service is located far away from your vehicle.

When there is no need to make a service call or do maintenance, Then usually take this Tp5b and a set of Smart probes with this setup, It is easy to handle the vast majority of issues that arise during service calls and maintenance inspections. After the issue has been isolated and an estimate for the necessary components has been provided, It will return with the necessary equipment to finish the task.

You may check the current price on Amazon if you’re thinking about buying one. If you’re interested in purchasing any of the tools That are used, then can find them all in the resources sections.

Conditioned Air System Tp5b Loadout

 A considerable amount of time planning out exactly what instruments and equipment would pack inside this suitcase upon having bought it. The idea was to have as many tools that could serve many purposes. The result has satisfied me to a large extent.

Wera Plus Tool Check

So far, this Tp5b pick-up has been my favorite. It’s compact enough to fit in the handy front velcro bag and loaded with useful functions. This set won me over because of the versatility it offers, including a wide range of bit sizes, socket sizes (3/16″ to 1/2″), and the flexibility to switch between the two.

Wera Magnetic Screwdriver with Multiple Bits

The tool check plus arrives with a fantastic tiny driver handle, however, if you possess large hands, it may not be the ideal option. In order to utilize all the bits in the driver and avoid carrying a complete nut driver set, They bought the wera magnetic bit retaining screwdriver to complement the tool check plus. This bit driver has an exceptionally powerful magnet. Even though its primary function is to keep your bits in place, this magnet is almost as strong as a magnetic driver. If you need anything that can be officially labeled as such, you should look into getting magnetic chucks that suit it or using a standard set of magnetized drivers instead.

Due to the Wera Quick Detach Rapidator T-Handle, They almost never need to bring an impact or drill with me on service visits. There are often not more than a handful of bolts used to keep panels of commercial equipment in place. Every once in a while, you’ll run upon one that’s particularly resistant to your best efforts, and you’ll have to resort to some brute force to finally release it. It opted for this T-handle since it complements the Tool check and provides me with the additional leverage It needs to loosen any fasteners I may encounter.

Tool Knipex Pliers Wrench

Although the price of Knipex’s plier wrench reflects the company’s justifiable pride in its product, having one in your compact toolkit is a no-brainer. To accommodate my needs, They purchased a 10″ version that can be narrowed to 1-3/4″. The jaws of this tool, unlike those of a conventional “channel lock,” may stay perfectly parallel at all times thanks to the design. Because of this, I may use this tool in lieu of a whole set of open-ended wrenches in my tool kit. Traditional “crescent” or spanner wrenches may slide, but the manner you clamp onto fittings is considerably more secure and prevents this problem.


Cobra Pliers, Knipex

A reliable pair of Pliers are an essential tool. For this pack, I decided on the Knipex cobra water pump pliers, which are 10 inches long. These pliers are quite useful since they can be used to grasp objects as large as 2 inches in diameter and 1 13/16 inches in hex. The dipped handle and the comfort handle may both be adapted to this design with the click of a button.

Mini Knipex Pliers

In order to access such inconveniently located areas, you may require a little instrument. I was using a pair of Knipex Cobra Mini 5″ pliers for the job. These are identical in every way to their larger sibling, with the exception of their size and the dipped handle. Superb for domestic ACR and water supply pipes.

Set of Seven Wiha Insulated Pliers

When I spotted this entire set on Amazon from Wiha, another high-quality German tool manufacturer, I knew I had to get it. This set comes with two different kinds of screwdrivers (slotted and Phillips), as well as needle-nose pliers, a side cutter, and a pair of lineman pliers, all stored in a compact tool bag.

All the equipment in this set has been tested to 10,000 volts and is safe to use up to 1000 volts AC or 1500 volts DC without overheating.

Scissors of the Knipex Brand

There’s just not much else to say. Simple yet effective shears for cutting materials too thick to slice with a knife, such as customer filters or thick wire.

Knipex Pliers for Crimping

The wire-stripping part of them is regrettably only suitable for MM wires and not AWG. Honestly, I don’t see this as a major problem. I am able to get to a close size with little to no difficulty. In most cases, I use insulated connections while crimping. Take care to use the proper crimper for the job at hand.

Multi-Colored Hex Key Set by Wiha

What a fantastic set of colorful hex keys. Made in Germany, the chrome vapor finish prevents corrosion, the chrome-vanadium tool steel is strong, and the ball end allows for use at angles of up to 25 degrees. However, their primary benefit is that they make your bag seem cool. Seriously, however, I always seem to misplace a bunch of hex keys. I’ve been able to remember to return them to their holder every time because of the vivid colors and high cost. To prevent more hex L key misplacing, I’m crossing my fingers that this will do the trick.

Dimensions (in Hex) provided:.050″ “Ultra-Thin WideAzz Spanner Wrench Sizes: 1/16″, 5/64″, 3/32″, 7/64″, 1/8″, 9/64″, 5/32″, 7/32″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8”

Wide opening and narrow jaws; I’ve found this to be useful for extracting power heads from my TXV.

Very little increase in size: 3/16 “Jaws

The ability to reach places that were previously inaccessible. The door may open to a full 1-1/2 inches. Thinner jaws provide easier access to tiny locations while longer ones provide a stronger grip.

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